Yamaguchi Bonsai Nursery. Inspiring Gardeners and Designers for Over 60 Years

Yamaguchi Bonsai Nursery was established in 1949 by George Yamaguchi and his wife. The breathtaking private collection of bonsai on display there today can be attributed to his incredible artistry and lifetime of work. When George passed away in 2005, he left this established and community loved nursery as a legacy to his family. Today it is his daughter, Marianne, that carries on the tradition of excellence in plant selection and service. As a testimony to her nursery stewardship, it was honored with the “Best of L.A.” stamp of approval by L.A. Weekly in 2010.

So, what makes Yamaguchi so special and unique? What makes one inspired landscape designer write: “This second generation family owned business specializing in Bonsai, with complete nursery stocks and landscaping materials is a gem!”? Well, it is something that you feel when you first walk in. It’s really more like an inspired artist’s personal garden, a place that you feel lucky to explore.

It also stands out for its extensive selection of plant varieties and constant introduction of fabulous new and unusual plants that will flourish in your garden — plants for a variety of garden designs — from classic, cottage, and tropical to contemporary, eco-friendly and zen.

There is of course one more thing that makes Yamaguchi unique among its peers. It is the personal service. If or when you should begin to feel a little overwhelmed by the world of choices that Yamaguchi presents, you can count on the fact that a friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful person will be by your side to help guide your way.

Check out this video featuring Marianne Yamaguchi talking about the nursery.