Statuary to Add Serenity and Life to Your Landscape!

Japanese lantern 500Lantern CU 500Statuary Budhas 500Two Lanterns 500Statuary and Fountain 500Small Statuary Frog 500Tall Japanese Lantern 500Small Statuary 500
A statue or fountain can serve as that “little bit of something” that changes your garden from ordinary to extraordinary.

While Japanese Lanterns or Buddhas are not perfect fits for every style of garden, they can bring a sense of peace and serenity to both zen and contemporary gardens, and Yamaguchi is please to provide them in a variety of sizes and shapes. But of course, the statuary selection doesn’t end there!

Looking through our eclectic collection you will no doubt find something that satisfies your mood or tickles your fancy. It could very possibly be one of our soothing fountains. Alternatively, it might be a cat, sleeping dog, frog, gecko, or something simply abstract.

You’ll just have to explore! They are found all over the nursery and the selection is ever changing!